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Please do continue to vote daily. Voting is not done until Feb. 14th 2014, at noon.

Please continue to show your support.
Way #1 – Vote right here on Facebook (once per day): http://a.pgtb.me/qPRjHq

Way #2 – Send a text message (once per day) to 22333 with one of the following shortcodes…

Way #3 – Old school, with a physical ballot at either Gallerie M inside the InterContinental Milwaukee, or right outside the Stephanie Barenz Studio here in the Pfister.

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M I N G A | The Vintage Future from brandon minga on Vimeo.

Competing this year for the Pfister Artist-In-Residence, we has to supply our own videos of us describing our proposals. And there we have it.

Special thanks to
Vitrolum Republic
Melissa Dorn Richards
Pamela Anderson
Plaid Tuba
Those not mentioned, you know who you are, thank you as well.

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This past Friday the 14th i had the honor of showing with the Pfister Artist in Residence Finalists Exhibit – the collection at the Sharon Lynne Wilson Center for the Arts. Was a great time to see the artists that i competed with this past year for the Pfister AiR as well as meet the rest of the finalists from the previous years. The current AiR Timothy Westbrook always puts on an interesting show; hanging his dresses from the ceiling made for a multiple level exhibit. Many thanks goes out to Kate and Don Wilson of the Sharon Lynne Wilson Center for their generous support; buying both pieces i exhibited. The show runs thru oct 17th. Looking forward to the next exhibit with group.

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Honored to be nominated as one of the finalist for the Pfister Artist in Residence ,  here’s a look at my work and a few moments captured from a gallery night opening at Gallery M in the Intercontinental. If you like what you see please do help me by voting, see below for details.


As i’ve mentioned, i’m currently top 6 in the running to become Milwaukee’s 2012 Pfister’s Artist in Residence!  That means I’ll be creating traditional artwork, live at the most prestigious hotel in Milwaukee, in addition to other amazing accolades and opportunities.  The program is open to public voting but I’ve got some stiff competition; I needs YOUR help!  It’s very easy, all you have to do is email “Brandon Minga for AiR” to amyhansen@marcuscorp.com, once per day until February 17th.

Please, if you would also pass this on to your friends and family that would be very appreciated!  Thank you SO much for all of your support, it means a lot to us and the family. We’ll let you know as soon as the winner is announced.

For more information on the program, visit http://www.thepfisterhotel.com/artist-in-residence/

**You can also vote on Facebook with just a few clicks: http://www.facebook.com/thePfisterHotel?v=app_244811078919605&app_data=vote_entry_id%3D2682931 , Just click this link, click “Like”, then click “Vote” under Brandon’s bio. If the vote section doesn’t pop up, just re-click this link and it should take you to the voting page. Let me know if you run into any snags.

or on Twitter using the #ArtistinResidence

photos taken by Lionel Oswaldox Villatoro of Liosvi Design

sincerely, thanks you.


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And yes, thank you to my many support without whom this wouldn’t have happened; you will find me on the list and in attendance. Can’t wait, this is such a big break for me.  Something among many things that have happened in recent months to reaffirm that i’m doing the right thing. Following my gut, a calling, that’s telling me that going it alone will be the way. Continuing to forge the path as an independent artist is the what is right for me right now. The list of people to thank is long, but then again those people who need thanking already know.  Much love and respect. The journey really begins.

~ MINGAdigm ~

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The KDU is the World’s Largest Private Creative Collective. Our Mission is to unite Top Talent to provide Strategy, Communications and Design Services to progressive Companies and Brands.

To learn more about how The KDU can progress your brand, contact us atgeneral@thekdu.com

Visit : The KDU



THE KDU & Serum Versus Venom are proud to announce the official opening of Brooklyn Sewn, a new in-house fashion atelier. The business is strategically located at the KDU’s Brooklyn Studios and will serve local designers and brands, in addition to functioning as SVSV’s primary production and bespoke house.

Services Include: Master Pattern Making, Grading, Small Production Runs, Rapid Prototypes, Sampling and Fine Hand Finishing.

For more information, contact General@thekdu.com

“I am proud to see my dream of a full circle facility realized; everything from concept to final product under one roof. We are dedicated to keeping alive the tradition of producing high quality garments in New York and even more excited to be working with local Designers helping them realize their dreams.” – David Gensler, CEO, The Keystone Design Union


Complete Technique x SVSV

Longtime friends, Osamu Koyama and David Gensler collaborated to produce a series of hand crafted, antique tailoring shear pendants. The project pays tribute to David Gensler’s extensive personal collection of tailoring shears, which number over 800 and span some 450 years of sartorial history.

Focusing on three styles of shears, English, French and American, the collaboration took 6 months to finalize, with each master design being hand carved by Osa. Limited runs will be sold directly by SVSV and will come in a variety of materials including pure gold, silver and brass.

Complete TechniqueSVSV


THE SHHO interviews David Gensler

THE SHHO recently interviewed KDU founder and CEO, David Gensler on the state of Street Wear, Pop Culture and the idea of Influence. Never known to bite his tongue, the interview with David is an honest and candid conversation about the state of affairs facing designers and marketers in the modern age.

Please read the interview here
Please view the video here


The KDU Welcomes New Members

Welcome Francois Leroy

Welcome Eno FFD



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VOTE for Minga in WMC

Here’s the skinny – i need your help and the best part is it’s super easy! All i need you to do to show support is click the image above or goto this link -  click me – and just click “vote” on the image above or the one titled Mingadigm (that’s me?!) to vote for my inclusion in this exhibition described below! super simple, it helps the process if while you’re voting you are currently logged out of facebook, doesn’t like that for some reason. 1 click is fantastic, but in order to win it’s all about the numbers; so if you’d be so kind as to click “vote” once a day everyday until voting closes,  you’d be completely awesome. thanks for the help. regards minga

event details – -

Become one of the 20 Designers featured in the design gallery at Weapons of Mass Creation Fest 2011. Hundreds are considered for this opportunity and you will receive great exposure for your work. It will be seen by hundreds of people (pretty influential people I might add) throughout the festival and the following week.

Talk about getting your name out there and rubbing shoulders with some of the best! Not only will you earn a spot in the gallery, but your name/link will be featured on wmcfest.com and on all print materials!

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The Keystone Design Union is the World’s Largest Private Design Society
proudly based in Brooklyn, New York.

The KDU unites the World’s Top Talent to provide Strategy, Communications and Design Services to progressive Companies and cutting edge Brands.

To learn more about how The KDU can progress your brand, contact us at general@thekdu.com

For More Information Click Here: THEKDU.COM



◊ ◊ ◊ Sometimes a Rebirth is Necessary ◊ ◊ ◊

Our man Lex’s long-standing site {nonTYPE.com} commemorates its 5th ANNIVERSARY this year. To celebrate the occasion he has unrepentantly killed off his old URL and created something New in its wake. Click the link below and take a quick look at the Works & Ramblings of THE KDU’s Creative Director and all-around Design Ninja, Aerosyn-Lex.

◢◢◢◣◥◣ Visit : AEROSYNLEX.COM † ◥◣◢◢◢◣

◢ Be sure to dig through the archives for an eclectic smattering of INK, PIXELS, CALLIGRAPHY and all the ANIMATED GIFs you could ever hope for : AEROSYNLEX.COM †


† THE HOLE Gallery : POSTERMAT Exhibition †
Numbered Edition Poster by Aerosyn-Lex

DEITCH PROJECTS spinoff gallery THE HOLE NYC invited LEX to participate in their POSTERMAT group show which sets out to pay homage to the Poster Collecting culture of generations past.

The show includes work from the likes of BANKSY, YOKO ONO, BARRY McGEE, SHEPARD FAIREY, ESPO and many more…

Each poster is a LIMITED EDITION of 50 Prints and can be purchased directly through THE HOLE NYC SHOP online or at the gallery. The posters are all Archival prints and there’s an amazing breadth of work to choose from.




2010 was a big year for us. The KDU worked with HENNESSY to develop The BLENDING of ART program which brought together Top Designers and Artists to create a series of Limited Edition Bottles.

As part of the project we developed a FULL 3D HOLOGRAPHIC Animation with FUNKTRIP studios in France. The HOLOGRAM is projected onto an actual blank HENNESSY bottle and the effect is striking in person.

Hit the link to see it in action : VIMEO LINK


SVSV Re-Launch Countdown

After a productive self-initiated exile from the market, our private design and fashion label, Serum Versus Venom prepares for re-launch. Founded in 2005 as a reaction to the ubiquity of modern streetwear, SVSV will boldly attempt to follow in our own initial footsteps into the avant garde.



Recent KDU Members

We’d like to take this opportunity to proudly welcome this group of recent members. Make sure to check out their sites on The KDU Blog to see more.

Teagan White, Plastic Bionic, Moira Meltzer-Cohen and James Donaldson.

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Minga X Ocupop X Google

Minga X Ocupop X Google

Minga X Ocupop X Google

Minga X Ocupop X Google

Minga X Ocupop X Google

Huge project to kick of the year! Got invited by my man Michael over at Ocupop to lead the production on their release of HTML5 tees. Ocupop is the creative behind the entire html 5 identity that dropped earlier this week,  http://www.w3.org/html/logo/ . Partnering with W3C.org they got this thing up in a hurry!. step one for me was to take the html 5 icon, separate for printing. step two, get garments in to print. step three, confirm quality and color matching. step four, coordinate the fulfillment with print shop. step five, take additional identity assets and mock-up additional apparel and other promo items. serious amounts of communication and lots of coffee put this thing all together. many thanks to Ocupop for the opportunity and to W3C for jumping behind it and promoting it. now, go grab yours at http://html5shirt.com/

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The KDU Cover and feature in DESIGN WEEK

It is a great honor for us to be featured in England’s top Design, Advertising and Marketing Trade Magazine, Design Week. This Issue features an extensive Interview of The KDU and speaks about the future of The Creative Agency Model.

Please read the feature here


Looking Back on 2010: Best Year Yet

We would like to thank our clients for continuing to utilize The KDU for Strategy, Design and Innovation. An Agency is only as good as the clients it works with. We have been blessed with clients who possess a bold vision and that have harnessed The KDU to build better brands and reach their consumers.

Here is looking to 2011. Onward and Upward.


Creative Minds Salon presents: The Power of the Influencer featuring KDU Founder David Gensler

Join us at The Soho House in New York for an inspirational discussion with some of the Industry’s top creative minds.

More information here


Hit The Powder in Style

K2 Sports engaged the KDU and SVSV to develop a high tier collection of Boards, Boots, Bindings and Accessories. We focused on hand crafting each graphical element and placing it inside of a larger narrative entitled 33 Degrees. 33 Degrees is a concept about the state of matter or experience in flux – the magic of the moment just before change. Each original graphic element was crafted from brush and ink by The KDU’s own Aerosyn-Lex Mestrovic.

The entire collection ( Boards, Boots, Bindings and all ) are now available for purchase online and at your favorite sporting-goods store or directly from K2 Snowboarding.
Hit the slopes in style this season with SVSV x K2 !!!


Serum Versus Venom (SVSV) Sneak Preview

Since inception, SVSV has been dedicated to following our own obsessions regarding design and craft. Rarely engaging the general market, we opted to ignore trends and fads and focus on each individual design and customer.

For us, SVSV has been about creating an environment unaffected and immune to outside stimuli, influence and hype. After years of adhering to our completely private, and at times secretive ways , we are now preparing for a public re-launch, including a full online store with access to all original master garments and accessories.

It is soon time to share our obsession with the world. We hope you will follow.


New KDU Members

We’d like to take this opportunity to proudly welcome this group of new members. Each of them holds unique talent and style. Make sure to check out their sites on The KDU Blog to see more.

For New Business or Membership Inquiries, please contact us at general@thekdu.com

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